8th October 2015

A traditional South African spiced lamb dish which was originally cooked inside a pumpkin. If you hollow out your pumpkin or larger squash this becomes the dish to bake the mince in, it is delicious!

Asian Style Salmon
21st May 2015

If you have marinated this salmon in advance, just defrost ready to cook. You can cut the veg ready at any time during the day, or if you chopped it all the night before and put it in a Ziploc bag then this makes today loads easier.

What is ‘Clean Eating’?
21st May 2015

Clean Eating basically means you go back to eating nutritionally dense foods, and meals that are made from scratch so that you are in control of the contents of your plate. It cuts out any additives, preservatives (where possible), added sweeteners, sugars or nasty vegetable oils. The aim is to eat food as much as […]

Lamb and Cashew Curry Meatballs
7th May 2015

I love ‪#‎curry and ‪#‎spicy food. It’s also a fab way to ‪#‎eatclean and pack LOADS of fab ingredients into one recipe. These lamb and cashew meatballs are in my top faves, they pack a punch with flavour but also make a HUGE batch which freezes well.

Chocolate Cake
7th May 2015

‪#‎chocolatecake yep, I said it. Chocolate cake. I’m not kidding either.‪#‎Grainfree refined ‪#‎sugarfree, ‪#‎dairyfree.