8th October 2015

A traditional South African spiced lamb dish which was originally cooked inside a pumpkin. If you hollow out your pumpkin or larger squash this becomes the dish to bake the mince in, it is delicious!

Chinese Take-Away Clean Style
8th October 2015

Fancy a ‪#‎chinesetakeaway tonight? Stop right there! ‪#‎eatclean ‪#‎eatwellDuck is readily available in the supermarkets, but I bet you have passed it many times and reached for a chicken?

Thai Chicken Dumpling Rolls
8th October 2015

Ok so I get an awesome amount of green veg each week in our veg box. To be honest most of it I have no idea what it is apart from leafy, green and packing a punch in nutrients. One way to use it up is wraps… These Asian chicken wraps are like wonton-wraps with […]

Broccoli Lollipops and other bizarre things
21st May 2015

Amber suprises me most days with something new and wonderful. Broccoli lollipops however, was something I certainly was not expecting! We have a big bag of frozen vegetables in the bottom of the kitchen freezer for back-up purposes when stock is running low. Amber discovered the broccoli and decided this was the best ‘olli-pop’ ever! […]