As part of the past six-week ‘shred’ fitness regime I have been doing weight training and on the other days High Intensity Interval Training- HIIT training for short. The concept of HIIT training is fairly simple, you do short bursts of high intensity workout followed by a period of less vigorous activity. It is ideal […]

Training on Holiday- no excuses
16th May 2015

I know a lot of my friends think I am mental for training in the gym or on the beach whilst I am on holiday. I’ll admit I never used to think working out whilst on a sunny beach was a great idea either until I met Chris. Chris’ strategy is basically that if you workout […]

Training during pregnancy
16th May 2015

I was lucky enough to have two great pregnancies. I had morning sickness with both, which I’m not going to lie was fairly awful at times- especially puking all over myself including my last clean pair of work trousers minutes before I was due at the office. However, there were great days too. Even when […]

Get Moving
My current training regime- 6 week shred
8th April 2015

I don’t normally subscribe to these ‘6-week’ quick fixes, but this is more of a final blitz to get me where I would like to be post-babies. I feel like my fitness was good, but it plateaued.  Since I had Edward I decided that I was going to nail the fitness. The nutrition comes naturally […]

@Born2PerformFit kickstarted 2015 training
6th April 2015

I work full time and I have two babies, and I love supporting others through What Would Sophie Say? so I will be honest, finding time to train is not always easy. However, it’s not hard. I used to think chemistry at school was hard, I thought that trying to be coordinated at netball was […]