‘Clean’ drinks for little ones
21st May 2015

The media has covered recently the impact of regularly giving children fizzy drinks, juices and cordials on both dental health and overall health. We now know that in fact fructose plays a key part in this. Firstly out of your ‘five a day’ recommendation I would advise that 4 of these are vegetables rather than […]

Teething Ice Lollies… Sophie Style
21st May 2015

Is your little one teething? It looks like Edward has the top four teeth coming through. I can recommend these ‘clean’ ice lollies for their sore gums. Blend half a tin of coconut milk with an avocado and freeze in moulds. I recommend you use Aroy-D coconut milk which is available in a box from […]

Sugar-free, Grain-free ‘bread’
16th May 2015

OK so once in a while you might be craving some toast. Whilst other clean eating plans allow grains in your diet and gluten, mine doesn’t so here is a grain free dairy free refined-sugar free bread alternative.    

Chocolate Cake
7th May 2015

‪#‎chocolatecake yep, I said it. Chocolate cake. I’m not kidding either.‪#‎Grainfree refined ‪#‎sugarfree, ‪#‎dairyfree.