Thai Chicken Dumpling Rolls
8th October 2015

Ok so I get an awesome amount of green veg each week in our veg box. To be honest most of it I have no idea what it is apart from leafy, green and packing a punch in nutrients. One way to use it up is wraps… These Asian chicken wraps are like wonton-wraps with […]

‘Clean’ drinks for little ones
21st May 2015

The media has covered recently the impact of regularly giving children fizzy drinks, juices and cordials on both dental health and overall health. We now know that in fact fructose plays a key part in this. Firstly out of your ‘five a day’ recommendation I would advise that 4 of these are vegetables rather than […]

Amber the Pie Eater
13th May 2015

My clean cottage pie recipe is a total winner for a Sunday dinner. For more details on the recipe visit the ‘Be Inspired’ section of the website. Team this up with braised cabbage or a plate full of greens with butter on, and you have a winner. Did you know that adding fats to your […]

Amber loves breakfast
13th May 2015

Amber LOVES her breakfast. Typically she likes #ClarenceCourt #BurfordBrown eggs with #LaverstokePark black pudding and some grilled tomatoes. I have no issue with this, it’s a great start to the day especially with some #Kerrygold grass-fed butter in the scrambled eggs. If she isn’t in the mood for the ‘full hit’ as she calls it, […]