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7th April 2015

What's in the Starter Kit?

Those that have already participated in this programme feel better, have improved skin, sleep better and more importantly have fed their body the nutrient dense food it needs.

The plan has been designed so that preparation is done with batch cooking, ingredients are easy to cook with and the food is packed with colour and flavour. Within the first week you will already start to see your freezer fill with stock for subsequent weeks, and with lunches prepped the night before or quick easy recipes there are no reasons to quit a meal or reach for high sugar, high saturated fat snacks.

Once you have done your first shop you should start to notice your weekly food shop comes well within the £40 per person bracket. Some people have noticed that the programme has meant they have not needed to spend money on takeaways, coffee shop food and drinks or 'incidental' weekly shops. With this plan there are portion guidelines, not portion control and there is NO calorie counting, NO points to record and no reason to 'sin'. 

Your starter kit will include the following:

  • Printed Clean Eating Guide complete with nutritional information, a guide on eating out, easy-to-follow recipes and a daily meal planner.
  • A complete kitchen pantry kit with all the oils, vinegars, sauces, 'flours'  and over 20 herbs and spices for all meals. All the ingredients are 'clean' so there is no need to spend time searching through your supermarket or local health food store.
  • Your very own  #WWSS Apron
  • Free gift
  • Postage (typically 24-hour courier)

On this website you will be able to follow others on their journey, post comments and receive ongoing support from me. There will be regular updates, new recipe ideas and exercise challenges.


To change the way you view food, taste food and improve your overall well being.



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