What is ‘Clean Eating’?
21st May 2015

Clean Eating basically means you go back to eating nutritionally dense foods, and meals that are made from scratch so that you are in control of the contents of your plate. It cuts out any additives, preservatives (where possible), added sweeteners, sugars or nasty vegetable oils. The aim is to eat food as much as possible in its ‘real state’. What this means is you avoid the processed foods, you avoid added sugars and you embrace ingredients in the fresh section of the supermarket, add loads of herbs, spices and great oils and let your body soak up the goodness.

On my Clean Eating plan we take it to the next level, we look at reducing your gluten, grains and starchy carbohydrates in the first month. This lets your body return to its natural equilibrium. Your body will have a phase of chaos, where it is wondering where it gets the next sugar fix, caffeine high or alcohol stimulant. After this phase you will feel amazing, trust me you really will. 

Clean eating encourages you to focus on real, unprocessed, nutritious food.

What your body really needs, and craves, is not sugar, it isn’t bread and you know what? it isn’t coffee either. Your body LOVES vitamins, minerals, fats (yes FAT), proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates in the forms of greek full fat yoghurt, vegetables, cheese, nut butters and milks are all good, let your body make good use of the food you need, and lose the indulgences you don’t.

The added bonus is that when you eat clean you DO NOT count calories! 

Every mouthful will taste amazing on my plan and by the end of the 4-week programme I am convinced you will continue clean for life. Go on, give it a try.

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