Thai Chicken Dumpling Rolls
8th October 2015

Ok so I get an awesome amount of green veg each week in our veg box. To be honest most of it I have no idea what it is apart from leafy, green and packing a punch in nutrients. One way to use it up is wraps… These Asian chicken wraps are like wonton-wraps with […]

Asian Style Salmon
21st May 2015

If you have marinated this salmon in advance, just defrost ready to cook. You can cut the veg ready at any time during the day, or if you chopped it all the night before and put it in a Ziploc bag then this makes today loads easier.

Sugar-free, Grain-free ‘bread’
16th May 2015

OK so once in a while you might be craving some toast. Whilst other clean eating plans allow grains in your diet and gluten, mine doesn’t so here is a grain free dairy free refined-sugar free bread alternative.    

Beef Burgers
7th May 2015

Homemade burgers, so easy to make and a great way to track what’s really in them. As a rule of thumb use beef steak mince (not lean), Worcester sauce, tabasco, chives, red onion, pepper, mustard. Rolled into little burgers and grilled then cooked through in the oven. Served with homemade guacamole and salsa, no bread […]