Chicken and Aubergine Tagine Traybake
21st May 2015
Chicken and Aubergine Tagine Traybake
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You will need
  1. 4 chicken legs (or better still skin on chicken breast)
  2. 1tbsp hot paprika, 1tbsp ground ginger, 1/2tbsp cumin and a few saffron strands, mix with oil to form a marinade
  3. 2 aubergines or several small ones, sliced
  4. One lemon sliced
  5. One large red onion sliced
  1. First marinade the chicken and place in a roasting tray in the fridge for a few hours.
  2. Next brush sliced aubergine with olive oil and Pop on a griddle until lightly browned and set aside with sliced lemon and onion
  3. When ready put oven to 190c, put all ingredients into roasting tray with a bit more olive oil and roast for approx one hour
  4. Serve with a tomato and onion and coriander salad.
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