About Me

I haven’t always been a ‘clean eater’. In fact I’ve eaten all manner of things during my lifetime (but never a late night donner kebab) but something just ‘clicked’ when I started eating this way. I have noticed my skin is great, my hair is in good condition (which is quite handy, because I have a lot of hair, and when it isn’t in top nick I do look like a Lego head), I am leaner and fitter than I have been before. The best part is I don’t really feel like I am missing anything. When I see a McDonalds, chips on the menu, barbeque sauce, or a box of sticky Krispy Kremes I actually feel happy with my choices- not frustrated that I might be missing out. This is because I have knowledge about what is in our food, so I am empowered to make the right choices.


Testimonials from Clients


'At the end of my first week I have noticed I have more every. I used to get tired at 3pm everyday but that has disappeared now. I've realised the amount I was eating wasn't necessary and I was just being greedy. Now a week has passed I'm no longer starving when I wake up or between meals and a small portion fills me'.

'I have so much more energy and I always used to wonder how you managed to accomplish so many things. Now I know. The other girls say “Sophie Says” but I say to myself “Now I feel like Sophie” What I love most about your plan is that it is all thought out for you'. 



'Started the week with a slight headache for a few days thinking caffeine withdrawal but felt great. My fitbit has shown that I am less restless at night especially towards the end of the week. My bloating disappeared in about 5 days. I rarely feel hungry. I'm so proud for not giving in to temptation and happy that my whole family are trying and liking new things'.

'Week one has been hard but amazing. I have lost 3 1/2 pounds and an inch and a half off my waist. I feel more toned already and am loving all the new foods. (I used to hate cauliflower...now I love it)'


 'I have lost 10lb in the first week of clean eating, I have found the plan pretty easy to follow once I got myself organised and the meals really tasty, my husband and daughter rated them last night and the chilli and sausage casserole where at the top roast chicken at the bottom and the pancakes and banana cake have also been a big hit. I suffered with headaches for the first few days but they seem to have gone'