Amber loves breakfast
13th May 2015

Amber LOVES her breakfast. Typically she likes #ClarenceCourt #BurfordBrown eggs with #LaverstokePark black pudding and some grilled tomatoes. I have no issue with this, it’s a great start to the day especially with some #Kerrygold grass-fed butter in the scrambled eggs.

If she isn’t in the mood for the ‘full hit’ as she calls it, then a smoothie is always a winner and great for mornings where we are in a rush. I’m no stranger to rushing in the morning. Despite having all their clothes set out, bathing them the night before and waking up ahead of them so I am all ready before they are there seems to always be some sort of banana-smothered Edward requiring an early morning wipe-down or Amber requesting multiple breakfasts whilst trying to cram 17 dolls into her rucksack.

Nevertheless a great childrens smoothie has to be one which is low in fructose and tastes great. Amber loves #Fage Total Greek Yoghurt with a handful of ‘blue-blees’, raw almonds or cashews, some almond milk and vanilla extract. I got this super new gadget from Russell Hobbs which makes light work of the washing up (aka dishwasher loading) and there we have it- a protein filled brekkie on the move.

A typical week of breakfasts for Amber includes:

  • A green superjuice (celery, apple, spinach and cucumber blended with avocado and ice)
  • A smoothie (Total full fat Greek yoghurt blended with berries, nuts, vanilla and almond milk)
  • Gluten-free porridge made with almond milk
  • The ‘full hit’ grilled breakfast with any kind of eggs
  • Paleo-pancakes. These are gluten free pancakes made with eggs, banana and coconut flour- the recipe is available in my starter kit
  • Dippy eggs with sausage soldiers

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