‘Chicken Like a Crood’ Looks Like Magic, Smells Like Food
21st May 2015

I do think that sometimes children get bored of mealtimes. Where possible we eat as a family, but with long working hours or training at the gym sometimes feeding Amber and Edward on their own is much simpler. By making the food fun I think Amber has a good experience. 

Last year she loved the movie The Croods. If you aren’t familiar with this movie it is about a family of cave people who spend most of their time searching for food and when they find it, it’s a matter of ripping a dino-chicken to the bone with their bare hands. ‘Chicken-Like-A-Crood’ was born and since then Amber enjoys a chicken drumstick or thigh to tear apart.

Normally this is a roast chicken but if you want to spice things up you can roll the chicken in a beaten egg, and cover in seasoned almond flour then bake in the oven. Enjoy!

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