HIIT me! High Intensity Interval Training- why it works.
21st May 2015

As part of the past six-week ‘shred’ fitness regime I have been doing weight training and on the other days High Intensity Interval Training- HIIT training for short.

The concept of HIIT training is fairly simple, you do short bursts of high intensity workout followed by a period of less vigorous activity. It is ideal if you are on a busy schedule (like me) or get in shape quickly, because you have have effectiveness in a period of time as short as 15 minutes. I am sure you have all seen on Facebook the ‘7 minute workout’ or ‘fit in fifteen’, well these are all HIIT training workouts.

With HIIT training you burn more calories and if you do it right you can continue to burn them- known as the ‘afterburn’.

Done properly you don’t need any special gym equipment (but some simple hand weights would help) and combined with the right nutrition you can burn fat but retain muscle mass (so you don’t lose weight, just get leaner).

Here are some examples of HIIT training sessions from my PT Mike Donnan Nutrition and Performance

If you want to start with something simple, find a local hill or set of steps and set yourself a challenge of running to the top of the steps and jogging back down, repeat ten times. Remember, you want to feel hot and sweaty and like you have really worked hard! This isn’t for the faint hearted!

Workout I

400 metre sprint (if you are using a treadmill use an incline minimum level 3, if you are outside aim for a hill sprint)

20 kettlebell swings

15 weighted burpees

15 bench press

20 lateral raises (or pulldowns if you are in the gym)

20 squat thrusters

12 press ups

Repeat 4 times

Workout II

1000m sprint

20 kettlebell swings

20 squat thrusters

800m sprint

20 press ups

20 high pulls with kettlebell

600m sprint

15 cable lateral pull downs (or lateral raises if you aren’t in the gym)

20 upright rows

400m sprint

20 Russian twists

15/15 side plank raises

200m sprint

20 reverse crunches

plank max hold

*You may wish to seek advice from a medical professional before attempting these workouts*

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