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Amber the Steak Thief
13th May 2015

I was pretty impressed when, at just over 2 years old Amber’s favourite game was to steal her Dad’s well earned steak. I say well earned- Edward was a few weeks old and it was our first family meal out together. I think Chris was hoping the steak was all his, afterall prior to this we had pretty much eaten our way through frozen clean meals I had prepped or an omelette.

We have always taken time to eat out as a family. Not often, but when we do we encourage Amber to order her own food and speak to the staff. Quiet often they look shocked when she orders fish and peas and sweetcorn or soup, especially with that angelic hair wafting around her like a halo. I don’t usually say that she can’t have something on the menu, but instead make a big deal of all the good choices there are.


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