Family Days Out- Eating Clean
25th May 2015

Amazing family day out at ‪#‎Geronimofest‬ Tatton Park. Amber even braved the 60ft zip wire! I was really impressed by the food on offer, it was easy to make good food choices with everything from Indian street food, home made fish fingers, herbal teas in the little coffee caravan, Portuguese sardines and even grilled halloumi. I chose grilled chicken and chorizo with halloumi and salad, delicious!

On days like these I would suggest that a family picnic is not only a more cost effective option but also easier to stick to eating clean. However, if like us you dashed out the door this morning, I would recommend the following:

Choose a street food style stand rather than a burger wagon or ‘chippy’. This is becoming increasingly popular. Today I could have selected the following:

Indian chaat without the puri

Portugese sardines and tomato sauce

Specialist sausages (it was a sausage sandwich but I would have had the sausage and onions, no bread)

Grilled meats/cheese of any selection with a salad- there were burgers, grilled chicken, falafel, salads, houmous all on offer today- to be honest I was spoilt for choice!


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