Let’s talk OILS and FATS
7th May 2015

One of my Clients asked ‘which oils should I cook with, should I save my posh olive oil just for salad, and can I use rapeseed oil?’

Here goes:

It is really easy to get sucked into supermarket branding for oils. The possibilities are endless from rapeseed to vegetable and all other manner of sprays and pump action units in between. Let’s just keep it simple, all you need is

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Use for cooking and salads. Buy the best you can afford and go organic if you can. Check the label that the olives are from one source and that it isn’t chemically processed.
  • Coconut Oil. Absolutely amazing for baking and curries. You can buy some coconut oil brands which are odourless so your steak doesn’t taste like Malibu. I always recommend cold pressed organic coconut oil so that you are getting the best nutrients when it goes from tree to plate. Biona Organic and Nutiva are my favourites and I buy them in 800g tubs from Amazon or www.buywholefoodsonline.com
  • Butter. Make those scrambled eggs immensely creamy, use in baking or chargrilling asparagus, slather over veg so that you can actually absorb nutrients in the veg. I highly recommend Kerrygold because it comes from grass fed beef (no nasty growth hormones leaching into the butter).
  • Goose fat or duck fat- great for your roasties 

For summer salads or Asian cooking I also like to use avocado oil and sesame oil.

Vegetable oils, ground nut or corn oils and rapeseed oil are all highly processed and offer little nutritional benefit. If you want to read more please buy Eat the Yolks, it’s a great book which debunks all the food myths. Enjoy!

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