Amber Loves EGGS!
16th May 2015

Amber really enjoys eggs with her breakfast. I always try and make them as interesting or tasty as possible- she has made her own egg cups, I have made fried eggs into smiley faces or she has scrambled eggs with bacon bits. Admittedly she does go through phases of which kind she likes- but luckily any leftovers get hoovered up by her baby brother Edward aka Mr Scoffalot.

Usually I fry the eggs in coconut oil, or scramble them with Kerrygold butter (because it is made from grass-fed cows). The aim is to try and get as many good fats into her meals as possible to fuel her for the day.

We particularly love Clarence Court Burford Browns, they are unbelievably tasty and have a fabulous golden yellow yolk which makes the eggs even more appetising. My recommendation is that you always go for free range eggs and if possible choose organic.

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