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7th May 2015

Fage Total Greek Yoghurt: should I be eating the 0% or 2% one instead of the full fat?! 
Full fat Greek yoghurt please so you max out your natural good fats and also increased protein. Fats are satiating so you need more of these!


Why are peanuts not good but other nuts are please?

Peanuts aren’t nuts they are legumes, and as such have an adverse affect on the lining of our guts (and are linked to severe allergies).

Any form of legume is potentially an inflammatory food type. The most obvious result of this is you eat baked beans and you are a trumpy bum the next day.

On this basis I reduce them to once a week max- personally I have them very very occasionally usually as a dal where the lentils have been soaked beforehand. They are however (especially chickpeas) a good source of protein, fibre and calcium- so if you are breastfeeding then make your own Houmous with chickpeas and tahini to boost your calcium intake.


What do you do when you’re really craving sugar/chocolate or something? I’ve managed to resist for 2 weeks so far.

When you crave something sweet go for vanilla tea, a square of 85% dark chocolate or try some of my WWSS recipes for baking x

Dark chocolate. I’ve recently got into Hotel Chocolat’s new Vintage Rabot collection of 90-100% cacao.

What I’m not a great fan of is trying to recreate ‘junk’ food in clean style. However this week I’ve been trying multiple cake recipes for ambers birthday! Getting there eventually but it means I stick to my clean eating (and grain free) on occasions.


Is it okay to eat honey?

I think limited, small amounts of local raw i.e. unpasteurised honey is good (especially for me as I have perennial rhinitis!). But I don’t go crazy on it. Agave- I’m not keen on. Regular processed honey sludge- forget it. Typically if I make a sweet recipe i.e. the birthday cake it will contain spoonfuls of honey. In other situations I don’t use it and where recipes sweeten with honey I omit. This is mainly because it’s easy to adopt that sugar cycle dependency which I don’t think is good.


What can I drink instead of plain water?

Infuse your water! I tested some last summer- cucumber and rosemary or mint is great. Lemon and slices of ginger, or melon and mint also work well. 

Alternatively use organic fruit teas and infuse into a big unit of water (a large jug with a sealed lid) to pop in the fridge is great.


What other root veg can be added to the chicken? Is it ok to add courgette & red onions?

Any veg can be added- celeriac, parsnips, swede, sweet potato, carrots, pretty much anything there is no limit! Courgette is fine- no limitations there especially if you have veg still in the fridge just use them up (although courgette makes good omelettes!).


What is the next best thing if we can’t find organic gluten free sausages?

For sausages look at the ingredients in the package- you are looking for the highest pork content with the lowest other ingredients, ideally no sugar. Organic is always great then you are reducing pesticides or growth hormones in your foods. Sometimes the packaging for sausages is unclear about whether they are gluten free or not but try without that bulking filler ‘rusk’.

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