Eating Out Guide
13th May 2015

Already worried about what to eat over the weekend when you are out with friends? Don’t panic here is a simple easy guide to clean eating when you are out and about.


Choose mixed grill, sauce-free main courses, kebabs.

Avoid Naan bread, heavy creamy sauces, fried foods



Choose clear soups, roasted meat without sauce, crispy duck without hoisin or pancakes.

Avoid fried food, sauces, dips, parcels/ dumplings



Choose Peri-Peri grilled chicken or better still plain grilled, Mediterranean salad- dressing on the side, sweet potato mash, sweetcorn, grilled halloumi

Avoid tortillas, flat breads, rice, complicated salads with dressings,


Pizza Express

Happy days they have a gluten free menu!

Choose salads with dressing on the side, olives, nut selection, spicy prawns

Avoid pizza, deserts, risotto


‘Pub Grub’

Choose steak and a salad, roast dinners, carvery, gammon, chilli con carne

Avoid Yorkshire puddings, chips, gravy, rice, roast potatoes


Costa Coffee and Starbucks

Choose mint blend/ mint humbug/ decaf English breakfast, gingersnap peach, caffeine free herbal teas and ask for two teabags

Black coffee if it is your one coffee of the day

Holy Guacamole salad (leave the rice), fruit salad (limit this)

Avoid lattes, Frappuccino’s, cakes, puddings, pastries, bircher muesli, Greek yoghurt and granola



Choose tomato and basil soup, Thai butternut squash soup, autumn squash soup, houmous salad, tuna salad (leave the potato), protein salad


The winner for eating out is Pret a Manger

Choose kale crisps, fruit salad (limit this), Asian pepper soup, crayfish and avocado salad (no dressing), egg and spinach protein pot, coconut and shitake mushroom pot, south Indian tomato and spice soup, tuna nicoise salad (no dressing), Tuscan minestrone soup.

Bonus is some great ‘treat’ shakes: Banana and cashew shake, cacao date and almond shake.

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