Get Your Starter Kit Now!
7th April 2015

What’s in the Starter Kit? Those that have already participated in this programme feel better, have improved skin, sleep better and more importantly have fed their body the nutrient dense food it needs. The plan has been designed so that preparation is done with batch cooking, ingredients are easy to cook with and the food […]

@Born2PerformFit kickstarted 2015 training
6th April 2015

I work full time and I have two babies, and I love supporting others through What Would Sophie Say? so I will be honest, finding time to train is not always easy. However, it’s not hard. I used to think chemistry at school was hard, I thought that trying to be coordinated at netball was […]

Amber loves to play at the little house in the park. Last week she had clearly picked up on our family discussions about sugar and started this little game. It was so cute to see her playing in this way, making a real joke of saying ‘ergh it’s got sugar in it!’.  Amber is nearly […]

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