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About Amber
8th April 2015

Amber is a very confident, cheeky and amazing little girl who just turned three. Of course, I am bound to say that- I am her Mum.
She does surprise us with her food choices. I suppose I shouldn’t really be shocked about them because she learnt all those good choices from us, and for that I feel very proud. At the moment Amber’s top things to eat are:

Scrambled eggs and ham for breakfast, or ‘the full hit’ as she likes to call it with eggs, black pudding, bacon and ‘bamatoes’

For lunch she loves a big bowl of soup, which is great because I can add pretty much anything into that soup and she will hoover it up. At the moment she likes this with rice cakes covered in nut butter or ‘dippits’ and houmous.

Her evening meal faves are ‘chicken like a Crood’ which, if you have seen the movie you can imagine this is Amber tearing a chicken thigh to shreds closely followed by broccoli and other steamed veggies. Alternatively ‘crumbsy fish’ (fish in an almond flour crumb) or steamed fish and sweet potato wedges go down well. This week she has gone crazy for meatballs, so who knows what will be next.

She loves fruit especially berries with greek yoghurt ‘and a little tiny bit of honey please Mummy, just a little bit’. Cheeky monkey.

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